2023-24 Board of Directors 2023-24 Officers
President - Torrey Wiley
Casey Carver   Safety Officer, Secretary and Registration - Adam Pease
Ashley Crosby  Treasurer - Bobby Thomas
Will Johnson Player Agent - Buford King and Adam Pease
Kendrick David VP - Major League - Ashley Crosby
Adam Pease VP - Minor Player Pitch League - Kendrick David
Shaun O'Hara VP - Minor Coach League - Casey Carver
Wes Hill VP- T-Ball - Shaun O'Hara
Derek Mann Equipment - Bobby Thomas, Wes Hill and Kendrick David
Miles Jordan Social Media/Marketing - Sara Carver and Sara Varner
Clark Ezell Fundraising/Signs - Derek Mann, Shaun O'Hara and Clark Ezell
Will Dillon
Bobby Thomas  Grounds - Casey Carver, Torrey Wiley and Chris Strong

Torrey Wiley Umpires -Adam Pease 
Buford King
Web Design - Adam Pease
Chris Strong
Parent-Board Liaison  & Auxillary Board Chair - Cathryn Pease
  Team Mom Coordinator -Mary Roddenbery
Uniforms - Cathryn Pease and Laura Wiley
         Raffle/Opening Day - Bobby and Melissa Thomas BBQ - Casey Carver, Clark Ezell and Miles Jordan Concessions Manager - Jenny Crosby Scheduling - Adam Pease

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